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Change is hard. Discipline towards health and fitness doesn’t come naturally to anyone. After years of training hundreds of trainees, we know that substantial long-lasting changes don't come from quick tips, but from building habits in phases.

We believe in helping you make positive changes that stay with you for life: and that’s what our proprietary 3RT process will do for you.

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What you can expect:
Build sustainable fitness habits
Shed first few kilos of body fat
Improved Strength levels
Body re-composition for beginners
[Fat loss + Muscle Gain]
Better sleep quality
A better understanding of food quality and macros

Get, set, zero: The crucial first step.

This "primer phase" optimizes the results we are aiming for in your program. In addition to the workouts, it involves implementing sustainable habits such as appetite awareness, improving sleep quality, making exercise an enjoyable habit, and building key skills such as learning to read food labels and preparing yourself for healthy grocery shopping.


Unlock your results here
What you can expect:
Considerable fat-loss
Fit into your clothes better
Visible muscle gain
Improved cardiovascular endurance
Ability to make better food choices
Considerable strength gains
Reach first transformation check-point

Strength building and fat-loss.

Your exercise program will focus on getting you stronger while your nutrition and habit programs aim at optimizing fat loss and improving your body composition. Your coach will be with you every step of the way to keep you on target while making adjustments every week for optimized progress.

The duration of this phase depends on the weight you need to shed and the muscle you need to gain to progress to the next stage.


Unlock your results here
What you can expect:
Self-Mastery over your fitness lifestyle
Less dependency on your Coach
Make exercise and being active in your daily life a second nature
Get into the best shape of your life and acquire skills to sustain it.

The final step.

Now that you have added some quality muscle to your frame,  learned all the skills you need, and built a bulletproof discipline towards your health and fitness: this is the final step towards getting into the shape of your life, for life!


Congratulations! You have achieved self-mastery over your fitness lifestyle, and you’ll find that both your body and mind have grown and evolved. You now have a better relationship with food and exercise (reinforced by your newly adopted set of habits), higher energy levels and an overall positive outlook on life. These are all changes that will stay with you and you won't need a coach to hold your hand ever again.