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Frequently asked

I am on a budget. How expensive is the diet?

We believe in modifying your current eating pattern to a better one by adding some healthy practices to begin with. The best diet plan is the one you can consistently follow without any challenges. Your plan will be made around your likes, dislikes, and your budget.

How long it will take for me to see results?

We don’t ascribe a timeline to fitness, as it should be done lifelong. Also, every person is different, and the time taken to see meaningful results depends on a variety of factors. Your current lifestyle, eating patterns, health issues, hormonal status, training intensity, etc, all matter. If you are new to training and good nutrition, you should notice changes in the first month itself. The level of results you achieve depends on how closely you follow the program and adopt the new healthy habits assigned to you

Do I have to track my calories?

You will be asked to keep a food diary. Alpha Coach App has an inbuilt food logging system which tracks your calorie intake as well. In the initial stages of coaching, tracking meals is more to create self-awareness around your food-habits. At a later stage, this becomes valuable information for the coach to make precise nutrition changes.

How many days do I need to work out?

This question can only be answered effectively after you have spoken with your Coach. It depends upon your current conditions, goals, schedule, and time. To start with, you should be willing to exercise at least twice or thrice a week.

Can I sign up now and start my program later?

No, your Coach will be assigned as soon as you sign up!

How long will it take for my plan to be sent?

Once we have all your personal information and starting pictures, we schedule a kick-off call for you. After this, we usually take about 2-3 days to deliver your plan on your app. Each plan is custom-made for you based on your goals, health history, and all the information shared by you with your Coach on your kick-off call. We understand the excitement to get started immediately, but remember, creating a good plan that works specifically for you takes time.

Will this be a Live Online Training?

People often confuse online coaching with live workout sessions over Zoom/other software. Online Coaching has nothing to do with live classes!

In Online Coaching, you work with a coach, who is an expert in all aspects of training, nutrition, and lifestyle, and creates a roadmap to bring in a 360-degree transformation. We believe in a result-oriented approach where you are guided on exactly what to do – but you must execute the plan.

Your training program is loaded on your Alpha Coach App (with detailed exercise videos) and easy tracking tools that enable your coach to oversee how you’re faring on the program. Your nutrition plan is also built right into your app, and whatever you log in is visible to your Coach.

You’ll have access to your coach through our in-app messenger, as well as receiving weekly video feedback on your check ins.

How do I communicate with you?

Communication is a key aspect of effective coaching - you’re welcome to message the coach any and all questions, but the Coach will read and respond to all client queries every day in one go. This is to make sure that the coach gives your query the utmost attention and is able to answer it as thoroughly as possible. So, if you drop the coach a message, it may take up to 24 hours for you to get a detailed response on weekdays.

How often will you change the program?

Your program is changed ONLY when the Coach feels necessary to ensure that you do not get stuck in the process of achieving your goal. A scientifically crafted program focuses on how you are progressing, and this requires you to stay on a specific routine over a sustained period of time. We do not recommend weekly program-hopping, for the sake of novelty.

What equipment do I need to get?

For Training: This depends on what kind of gym access you already have – at the very beginning you will need to tell us whether you have access to a commercial gym, a gym in your apartment building, a garage / home gym, or no equipment at all.

Our plan will be designed around what you can access, but in the last case (no equipment), we may ask you to buy the basics – a couple of dumbbells / kettlebells, some resistance bands, some straps, and perhaps a pull bar.

For Nutrition and Tracking Results, what you will essentially need is a weighing scale, an inch tape for body measurements, a food measuring scale, and a good phone camera for progress pictures.

What if I can’t perform an exercise?

Any exercise your coach prescribes will come with a detailed accompanying video on the AlphaCoach app. Follow the cues given on the short instructional video to make sure your form is correct. If you feel uncomfortable or unsure of any exercise, we recommend recording a video of yourself performing the movement and sending this to your coach on the chat messenger – this will help them assess and help correct your form, if needed. If you are physically unable to perform a given exercise, reach out to your coach for an alternative, rather than skipping it or attempting to swap it out yourself.

Do I have to eat food that I do not like?

No, we don’t want you to suffer! You do not have to eat food you do not like. Remember, you are not on a restrictive diet, but on the path to changing your long-term habits for good. This will only work if you eat foods that you enjoy.

What if I don’t see quick results?

Here at Alpha Coach it is all about The Long Game. We strive to introduce a sustainable, healthy lifestyle change that you can adopt for the rest of your life. And with all huge and worthwhile achievements, you must have patience to see the results you seek. Good things come to those who persevere!

While some clients may see quicker results, others may take a little longer. Don’t be disheartened, simply trust the process, remain positive and be consistent. If you’ve built up an unhealthy lifestyle for decades, it will not come undone overnight.

Patience, Consistency and Positivity are key!

Is this an AI training app or will I have a Human Coach?

This is a one-to-one personalised coaching program where you will be assigned a qualified fitness human coach. The technology is an enabler and is used only to make the coaching process seamless, and to make sure that you get to track every aspect of your fitness journey and the coach gets to make well-informed changes in your program, and you get the best possible results.

What membership packages do you offer?

We offer quarterly, half-yearly and annual plans. You can choose any one and renew them as you progress with your fitness journey.

Do subscriptions renew themselves automatically?

No, you would have to renew manually from your account.

Can I get a refund?

No. Once you buy a package, our online coaching programs do not qualify for a refund.

Whom can I contact if I encounter problems with my subscription?

You can write a message to, and we will help you at the earliest!

Would I get a wearable replacement if I by mistake break or misplace it?

The wearable has been provided to get you started on your fitness journey and would be given only at the time of signup. We would not be replacing the band in the event of any unforeseen circumstances or breakage in particular.

Can I get a discount on the plan fee if I already have a Fitbit or Apple Watch or another wearable?

The subscription is for coaching and the wearable and other goodies are complementary add-ons. If you already have a smart wearable, the syncing of the same will depend solely on the model type you have. Generally, the app syncs seamlessly with smart wearables that are compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health. The discounts will depend on the prevailing offers.