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Wellness Offerings.

Redefine your Employee Healthcare Experience and discover the power of putting people first.
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The Fit Squad Project
For organisations looking for Holistic Fitness Solutions
This Wellness model is curated specially for Organisations that are looking for Holistic Fitness solutions for their workplace.
Access to the Alpha Coach Elite App
  • A hyper-personalised coaching model that focuses on Fitness, Nutrition and habit coaching, bolstered by a coach that is assigned to each individual
  • Squad creation
  • Points assigned for each task
  • Leaderboard & Rewards
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Project Fit Workplace
For organisations looking to take their first step to wellness
This offering is designed keeping in mind the basics of Nutrition, Fitness & Fun – Suitable for organisations looking to take their first step towards fitness for their workforce
Access to the Alpha Coach Evolve App
  • A diet coach in your pocket where employees can Log Meals, Track steps, Unlock metabolism and get a Daily Alpha Score.
  • Get Meal Recommendations
  • Conquest based walkathons where your teams can virtually conquer famous trails and destinations by achieving a set step goal
  • Online Fitness Challenges that are easy yet intense and can be completed from anywhere
Expert Sessions & Webinars
  • Expert Session on Multiple Fitness Disciplines
  • Webinars covering topics like Self Defence, Nutrition , Mental Wellness
Rewards & Recognition
  • Inclusive Rewards Program- rewards are passed on to all employees that participate
  • Dynamic Leaderboards
  • Project Fit Workplace Certification for your Organisation
  • Marketing & PR on various HR Journals, Social Media and other media channels
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AlphaCoach Engage
For organisations looking at team bonding and fun activities
This model is best suited for organisations that are looking at team bonding and fun activities for their workforce.
Access to the Alpha Coach Evolve App
  • Connect your wearable and get started
Online Fitness Challenges
  • That can be done individually and in teams
  • Inclusive reward program with a mix of fixed and variable rewards based on performance
  • Both Individual and Team winners are rewarded
Conquest Based Walkathons
  • Promote team work, bonding and a higher goal that employees work together to achieve.
  • Some Conquest Examples: Space Race – Scaling Mt. Everest
  • Showcase the overall company tally of steps department-wise standings and individual rankings
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For organisations that want to go the extra mile
Additional wellness offerings that we pass on to organisations that want to pass on a tad bit more to their workforce.
Mental Wellness
  • Emotional Risk Assessment
  • 1 on 1 Sessions with qualified psychologists
  • Mental Health Webinars
Expert Sessions
  • Expert Sessions covering various fitness disciplines under mobility, strength, cardio and martials arts
Health Check-ups
  • Annual Health Check-ups covering basic and advanced check-ups for all employees
  • Webinars on various topics like self-defence, Personality type identification, Women safety at work
Take your workforce to the next level!
Our coaches will help you decide which plan works best for your organization, based on:
  • Team Size
  • Average Age
  • Objective
  • Duration
  • Budget
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Our customers
have to say about us.

Kiran Kumar Iyer
Head, Human Resources, Simpl
The decision to appoint Alpha Coach as our employee fitness & engagement partner has been purely based on the subject matter expertise and superior coaching experience. The format of process based employee engagement is a clear differentiator and a core reason why our teams feel amazing.
Sahil Vaidya
Co-Founder, Minimalist
Alpha Coach as our corporate wellness partner has been one of the best decisions we took for The Minimalist team. They’re professional, subject matter experts, and keep my team engaged & accountable for their health & fitness goals.
SP Balasubramanian
CEO, Car Club
Alpha Coach has managed to engage with our employees better than any other partner we have tried in the past – their premium coaching paired with the manner of employee engagement, works wonders to keep our employees doing this together!
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