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Bring together engaging groups, live streams, group coaching, events, and payment collection - all in one place, all under your own brand.
All-In-One Platform To Monetise Your Audience
Get access to all the tools and in-house expertise needed to lift your online coaching business. The Alpha Coach platform offers a world of opportunity to you!
features of the app
features of the app
Create Paid Private Groups
Leader-boards & Rewards
Integrated Calorie Tracker
Go Live To Your Audience
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The Top Coaches in India use AlphaCoach
Ayesha Billimoria
3X National Champion Athlete & Running Coach
Arunava Bhattacharya
Celebrity Fitness Coach
Shivpriya Arora
Women's health & Wellness coach
Dr. Mansi Mahajan
Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach
Shyamantak Ganguly
5 times national champion in full contact Karate & Asian Full Contact Karate Champion
Priyanka Marwah
Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Yug Verma
Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Shraddha Gupta
Yoga & Meditation Coach
Siddhant Rai Sikand
Strength & Conditioning Specialist
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Earn your Freedom Number Spending
2 Hours / Week.
‘Freedom number’ is the money you need to cover basic expenses and buy time to accomplish what you love. This might be the 25-30% earnings gain that drastically improves your quality of life.
“Group Coaching at it’s best”
“I was exploring the group coaching model for the first time ever. This platform opened up an all new set of audience for my services.”
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Siddhant Rai
Strength & Conditioning Coach
“50 Participants in first cohort”
“The tools Alpha Coach provides is seamless – my first batch had over 50 participants!”
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Yug Verma
Fitness Educator
“Funnel for Premium Coaching”
“I’m hosting my 2nd fitness challenge on Alpha Coach – this is a great funnel for my premium coaching services.”
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Strength & Conditioning Coach
Simple Pricing
Launch your program for free We earn only when you do.
No onboarding fees, no monthly retainers. 10% per sale. Commission based model. Your success is our success.
Alpha CoachOther Creator / Coach Monetisation Platforms
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Customer Acquisition & Marketing Assistancewhite tick iconclose icon
Access to personal Creator Advocateswhite tick iconclose icon
Made exclusively for Fitness Coaches & Creatorswhite tick iconclose icon
Integrated AI Diet Coaching Appwhite tick iconclose icon
Automated client compliance tracking toolswhite tick iconclose icon
No set-up costs or subscription feeswhite tick iconclose icon
Your own landing page & program pagewhite tick iconclose icon
Seamless payment integrationwhite tick iconclose icon
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Leverage AI Diet Coaching for FREE!
Free automated diet-coaching app, access to compliance tracking tools, and be discoverable to over 250k fitness enthusiasts on the platform!
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Apply to Own Your Brand With Us!
Who should apply?
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If you are a coach conducting online group Zoom sessions for your trainees.
  • Discover, engage, retain users through challenges
  • Understand your users behaviour- via leaderboard analytics
  • Ensure better results
  • Hassle-free payments and refunds so that you can focus on coaching your user's!
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If you are a fitness influencer or an online coach with thousands of followers but not monetizing your brand reach enough.
  • Give your followers who cannot afford your premium services access to your advice at a low price
  • Low-effort monetization of your user base
  • Build a top funnel for your premium services
  • Conduct challenges & events to increase your reach
  • Get access to thousands of users on Alpha Coach platform
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If you are an online coach wanting to launch a group coaching model to help more people reach their fitness goals.
  • Create paid private groups
  • Give out weekly workout templates and diet guidance
  • Go live for Q&A sessions
  • Build an entry-level coaching program and your own community
Applications are currently by invite only. However, if you're keen to run your challenge on Alpha Coach platform, do apply. Our team will reach out to you within 2 business days.
Ongoing Programs: