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The Fit Squad Project Customized fitness programs
for your team, by certified fitness & nutrition experts.

We know it’s hard to continually engage employees in more than just work, and we’re here to solve one big piece of that puzzle for you!

Ask us how?

Is your corporate wellness budget being spent or invested?

There are many corporate wellness options that offer a variety of offerings that promise access to gyms & clubs, free use of apps, online group classes, and a slew of engagement initiatives.

But they usually end up failing because they either optimise for either free gym access, personal coaching or engagement – employees do not see any meaningful results as workouts and nutrition are based on cookie-cutter plans, which are not customised towards individual goals, health history and ease of access.

We combine the power of premium one-to-one transformation coaching (focused on strong results) with a simple & effective point scoring system that creates a high-energy & engaging gamified experience for your employees, who stand to win great results and prizes in the form of cash, discount coupons, & free products.

The Fit Squad Corporate Wellness Program

coaching for results

Our mobile app has an easy-to–use interface with a simple, expert-guided “To-Do checklist” that helps avoid the overwhelm that users typically feel when they first begin their fitness programs. This simplicity is at the very core of our coaching.

-Expert Coach with custom-built programs to deliver incredible long-term results

-Complete Programs: Habit coaching, nutrition plans, training programs and cardio protocols

-Real-time tracking on key health metrics through connected wearables.

-Food logging made easy with 18,000+ Indian & international food items, with over 200+ recipes that can be made at home

-400+ guided workout videos for strength and fitness training

-Dedicated in-app messenger to communicate directly with your coach

Employee Engagement,
Squad Formation
Employees will be split into 5 teams (example: 20 members each if the team size is 100), using a random generator.

Each of the 5 teams will appoint two leads: a Captain & a Vice Captain
Log Meals
Squad members will start doing the program and logging their daily food intake into the AlphaCoach app

Each days food log carries 30 points per day
Track Steps
Teams will track their daily step count via fitness bands or on the phone into the AlphaCoach app

Hitting their individual step goals will carry
50 points per day
Log Workouts
Users will log all their strength and cardio sessions on the AlphaCoach app

Logging their workouts will carry
20 points per day
Weekly Check-ins
Clients will send in their weekly self assessment and measurements to their coaches.

Every weekly check-in will carry 150 points per week
The HR 
Access to real-time information on active users, steps completed, meals & workouts logged, and other engagement metrics.
Cash rewards &
for your team members

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Participating employees will be put into multiple squads who will compete on 4 parameters (steps, meals logged, workouts, and weekly check ins) and win rewards in cash & gift vouchers, thereby ensuring an engaging experience for the whole organization.
First, second and thrid prize winners will get actual cash rewards or gift vouchers worth the defined cash rewards.

All participants get vocuhers worth a minimum of Rs. 7,500/- and a maximum of Rs. 15,000/- based on the corporate subscription plan.

And moreover, 3 individual twiners from your organization will get surprise gifts at the end of the program

The total value of cash & coupon rewards given to your employees would be more or less equivalent to the total investment, if not more, made by the Company.
A fitness program that’s made to fit your organizational needs.
Know how exactly The Fit Squad Project will help you optimise your corporate wellness investment, employee engagement, employee well-being and employee retention.
What happens after we sign-up for The Fits Squads Project?

Our corporate wellness programs are designed based on your teams’ needs and prevailing lifestyle, and we ensure a hyper-personlized journey to each one of your team member that will help them in practicing the right habit, nutrition and workout. Key steps on how the Alpha Coach corporate wellness plan works:

01 - Sign up

The company will sign up their employees for the program – Alpha Coach will create user IDs for all your employees

02 - Coach Assignment

Once the user fills up their program form inside the app, a dedicated expert transformation coach is assigned to them.

03 - Coaching Call

The Coach & Client will do a one-to-one kick off call to discuss their goals, their fitness history, access to fitness equipment, current diet, daily schedule & their unique challenges

04 - First Plan

The Coach creates a “hyper-personalised” plan for every client and loads the program on the AlphaCoach mobile app

05 - Daily Execution

The Client has a simple daily to-do list to log their steps, workouts, and meals

06 - Weekly Check-ins

Coaches review client progress every week and makes appropriate adjustments – progress feedback is provided via loom videos, phone calls, and messenger chats, with clients.

07 - Gamification & Leaderboards

Participating employees will be put into multiple squads who will compete on 4 parameters (steps, meals logged, workouts, and weekly check ins) and win rewards in cash & gift vouchers, thereby ensuring an engaging experience for the whole organization.

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